Applicable Models

Model Starting S/N Ending S/N
2001 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
2002 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ
2003 PROTEGE 00000000 ZZZZZZZZ

Symptoms and Conditions                                                 
Customer may experience A/C switch light going out or blinking and
warm air from vents when operating blower motor in the number 2
position for long periods of time.

Repair Procedure
Request specific fan speed during failure and note in H/L file.

If condition only occurred in the #2 fan speed, condition may be the
result of a logic error within the heater control print board.

The logic of the print board was changed by increasing the check
voltage threshold for A/C compressor engagement with the blower motor
speed set in the #2 position from 1.0V to approximately 2.0V

Date of Mass Production Change
December 02, 2002
Beginning VIN:
Protege N Protege5 JM1BJ2***3*150990
New Part Numbers:
(DX N LX Green) BL8F-61-190D
(ES Amber) BL8W-61-190F

If condition occurred in another fan speed, have dealer inspect system
connections, and confirm with customer about air flow from vents.
condition may be the result of system freeze up. if so please note in
H/L file subject line.

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